Holistic solutions in our "one-stop shop"

Interlocked, interwoven, interlinked – no branch of law stands alone anymore. Consequently, tax consultants, lawyers and accountants need to interact even during relatively simple processes. For this reason our staff is trained to work in an interdisciplinary manner. Additionally, it is part of our daily work to team up with external consultants with whom we have a close and collegial working relationship.

However, we are also able to offer holistic solutions internally. Our office community with lawyer and tax consultant Ralf F. Harder and with lawyer and mediator Christoph Rothenberg is the systematic implementation of our interdisciplinary principle. This interaction “across the corridor” allows us to offer advice on legal and tax related questions under one roof. As a result our clients profit from a straightforward process and the accumulation of expertise.

  • Knittel & Partner
  • Ralf F. Harder

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